Avoid Impulse Shopping With This One Tip

So, how’s Dry January going? Got that familiar feeling again? Yes, we’ve all been there. You could have sworn there was steam coming from the ATM machine last you used it and your heavily-pregnant credit card is fit to buckle under the weight of a 9.5% APR; yet you still ran around Topshop like a Banshee covered in fly paper. Now, you’ve got an acute case of the guilt sweats. You can cover your hands in cling film, spray yourself with Teflon or hire an assistant to Taser you in moments of weakness. Or you could turbo-charge your willpower with this one crucial tip.

In the previous post, I mentioned that when rewards are visible, they become harder to resist. Not that you listened but, hey, moving on… So, if chance does take you down the high street (again) and you left your shopping blinkers at home; it’s important to work with your willpower – not against it. Here’s how…

Our self-control can get put through the ringer unless we are aware of our personal discount rate. And no, I’m not talking about store cards or that extra 10% off at the till you get when the manager isn’t around. I’m talking about the measure of your happiness now versus that of tomorrow. In other words, what are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want? Are you willing to discount this season’s crochet knit shorts now so that you can go on that family holiday later? If in doubt, ask your future self which she’d regret not having had. Remember: we only regret the days that didn’t bring us happiness; and memories are rarely for sale.