I’m a sucker for comfort. I love snuggly things and would quite happily drape myself in a duvet were it socially acceptable to do so. Perhaps this is why I prefer working from home.

Make Holiday Shopping Easier With This One Tip

It’s the season of giving. Wonderful. No, really, it is. There’s just one thing that doesn’t quite live up to the hype – shopping. If you’re anything like me, malls at this time of year are tantamount to the 7 th circle of hell.


It is my pleasure to announce a special partnership between The Happy Closet and Irish brand Theo + George. Anchored in the premise of effortless living; the brand espouses, and lives up to, its values around minimalism, premium quality, sustainability and durability. Reliable wardrobe staples that wearers can get mileage out of combined with stylish, thoughtful yet functional touches.

Putting Therapy Back Into Retail

Shopping. It’s fun, isn’t it? Or is it? Be honest

‘Tis the Season to Slow Your Roll

Forget reindeer that prance and dance. 'Tis actually the season to be buzzing around like blue-arsed flies. It’s not that we want to be that busy, but not wanting to (or at least not pretending to) can carry a larger penalty: being perceived as not being a team player, not pulling one's weight or, worse, not being festive. Toss in our fear of job loss or social exclusion and the result is, literally, overwhelming. Anxiety, burnout and stress can all combine to have a pernicious effect on our lives, unless we establish small but regular personal boundaries.