What’s in my Wardrobe – Leather Culottes (Part One)

It’s a well-known fact that I’m partial to navy. Translate that truism into a pair of trusty trousers and watch me fan girl – hard. Exhibit A: I’ve been wearing these leather culottes for the guts of a year, so much so I’ve left a butt mark. I like to consider this ownership lest anyone get notions about ‘borrowing’ them. Try filling that crater, why don’t you! What can I say? I’m a territorial Taurean.

Well-being Is Well-dressed

We all have a relationship with our clothing. Some of us have a sustained bond built over time; others – a carnal rip-em- off-in- the-changing- room style lust; then there are those who practice rigorous ascetic detachment – sartorial celibacy, if you will. Suffice to say, the degree to which we connect with what’s on the outside all boils down to what’s happening on the inside.