Budget Shmudget

Ho ho bleedin’ ho. It’s budget day. From the whiff of things, it looks like we’ll be revisitng the `80s in all its austere glory. As buzz kills go, this is up there with anti-Christmas curmudgeons and that shitty D.A. grilling Santa Claus on Miracle on 34th Street. Not cool. As the full extent of our woes isn’t fully published tomorrow, you’ve got less than 24 hours to bury your head in the warm and fluffiness of Christmas FM and engage in some wanton online shopping. I personally find these Rick Owens boots rather appropriate. They say ‘ portable bedsit radiator’ while also sporting a jaunty Tardis feel should you wish to skip town and miss the grinding and nashing of teeth…or your credit card bill. €1,325 shekels. Gulp….