Buy Smarter, Buy Better – Shopping Made Easy

  • Do you feel a sense of dread and indecision every time you get dressed?

  • Are you constantly buying new clothes but still feel like you have nothing to wear?

  • Do you even know what your wardrobe needs?

Then you, poppet, need to Buy Smarter, Buy Better.

As a reformed hoarder and recovering impulse buyer, I know a thing or three about bad shopping decisions. The buy-regret-donate-buy again pattern is a familiar one but it’s one that’s easily broken with some third-party assistance.

That’s where I come in.

Call it a closet intervention, but I’m here to help you confront your shopping habits and address the behaviours that have led to your not-so-uncommon case of sartorial overwhelm. Want a wardrobe that makes you feel good and look good?

Then, you can’t afford to miss out on my 1-2-1 online course – Buy Smarter, Buy Better.

Here’s the deal.

In my Buy Smarter, Buy Better shopping sessions you will:

  • discover your predominant shopping type – emotional or unconscious
  • uncover the triggers and hardwired habits that shape what you buy and why you buy it
  • find and fill the gaps that are blocking your wardrobe wellness
  • learn how to curate a wardrobe that works for the person you are TODAY


Simple. There are three parts:


Method: email

We will…

  • fill out the Buy Better, Buy Smarter questionnaire to pinpoint your current wardrobe needs.
  • determine the main issues on which to focus
  • time map our session in advance
  • agree on a suitable time and date
  • confirm appointment via Google calendar
  • select Skype or Google Hangouts as the preferred platform


Method: 60-minute Skype session

You will…

  • Understand what gives you most value in your wardrobe so that we can increase the cost-per-wear of what you already own.
  • Understand what drives the way you shop.
  • Learn how to fend off fads, tackle trends and create more fashion flow.


Method: email

You will…

  • receive a private shoppable Pinterest board including up to 20 personally-chosen items that will maximise the current value of your wardrobe
  • receive a personalised list of stockists that best suit your shape, lifestyle and budget
  • receive a summary document recapping our session with personalised tips on how to manage your shopping type in-store and online


was €150; now €90

offer only available in Ireland and the United Kingdom

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