Move Over Barbie

I never liked Barbie – she was always far too smug and a bit fickle if you ask me. Are you an astronaut or a cheerleader this week? Make your mind up blondie!

How Much Fashion Fits Your Style?

That is the $64 question posed by Cool Hunting purveyors – Josh Rubin and Evan Orenstein for Hardy Amies’ fashion vlogs.

Past It? Past What?: Age and Its Detractors

I’m an organised soul. Every now and again however, the planets go retrograde and…BAM-O!…my desk looks like an homage to the anti-bin charge brigade.

December 6th – The Damage

So, the full extent of the excrement in which we are wading has been officially unveiled. Merry Christmas y’all!

Budget Shmudget

Ho ho bleedin’ ho. It’s budget day. From the whiff of things, it looks like we’ll be revisitng the `80s in all its austere glory.


I glanced in the mirror. A pair of pert knitted boobs stared back at me while a second pair bulged out beneath. This wasn’t the plan.

Why Don’t You?

I’m in a bad mood. Boo! Yes, that’s me being angry. Cross me at your peril. With such indignation abrew, I thought it best to channel my sucky feelings productively, so I took to reading a more sprightly tome on the life of Diana Vreeland. Damn, that chick was positive.

Early Adapter

Have you noticed the recent revival of Peter Pan collars? What about ribbon bows? I bet you’ve already twigged onto next season’s mod-inspired tunic.

The Holiday Aftermath

It wouldn’t even pass over my thighs; not without Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter, some shimmying and a near act of God. By the time I actually managed to zip the dress, I was sweating like Kim Kardashian fielding questions about arse implants.

The New Handbag Semantics

It wasn’t too long ago I acquired a Vivienne Westwood bowling bag – my treasure. I even christened it Viv; and when Viv wasn’t tucked in her cotton monogrammed covering, her handles were wrenched granny-like in the crook of my arm.