Stop. Drop. Breathe.

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath. Amit Ray If we take anything for granted, it’s got to be our breath. Considering it keeps us alive, five minutes of daily one-on-one time is a small ask which is why we should all: STOP for five […]


Imagine it. You’re toggling between browser tabs on a conference call while juggling a grand cappuccino and a group chat on What’s App. Right about now you feel the MVP of Productivity until several audible notifications appear on your smartphone. So, you check them – all of them. Before you can say ‘ringxiety’, you’ve told […]

Lay Off the Sauce, Please

When Naomi Woolf published The Beauty Myth in 1991, she exposed the not-so-lovely effects of beauty advertising on women’s self-esteem. Most of all, she called bullsh*t on the ‘have it all’ attitude perpetuated in glossy magazines, the crazy aspirational tone that grew in tandem with increasingly unattainable images of the ideal woman. Food and weight […]

Why Satisfaction Is the Key to Happiness & How to Find It

Satisfaction. It doesn’t get much press, does it? There’s no click-bait in stability, no breaking news in balance, no cliff-hanger in even keel. Hearts don’t beat faster, palms don’t get sweaty, mouths don’t dry up. In fact, we do our level best to avoid its average reputation. Why celebrate satisfaction? Because it makes sense to, […]

The Mindful Practice of Saying ‘No’ & How to Do It

Nope, no, nein, nay, no bueno, not a chance, fuggedaboutit! Feels good, doesn’t it? Or does it?    Saying ‘no’ gets a bad rap but, ironically, it’s in turning something down, we disappoint fewer people – and, most importantly, we don’t disappoint ourselves. It’s what separates a job well done from several jobs undone. But […]


Lose 10 pounds, read a book a week, find a full-time fella, go to the gym every day, get a promotion, quit my job, start my own business, travel more, learn a new language, be nicer to my siblings, volunteer with a local charity, save for a house, drink more water, eat less sugar, go […]

How to Say ‘Thanks’ and Mean It

It’s the last day of 2017 and many of us are feeling retrospective, totting up what we did or didn’t do and where we currently stand on the gameboard of life. For some of us, it will be satisfying, for many of us, it will be a buzzkill. As mere mortals, we’re prone to a […]

‘Tis the Season to Slow Your Roll

Forget reindeer that prance and dance. 'Tis actually the season to be buzzing around like blue-arsed flies. It’s not that we want to be that busy, but not wanting to (or at least not pretending to) can carry a larger penalty: being perceived as not being a team player, not pulling one's weight or, worse, not being festive. Toss in our fear of job loss or social exclusion and the result is, literally, overwhelming. Anxiety, burnout and stress can all combine to have a pernicious effect on our lives, unless we establish small but regular personal boundaries.

Beo Events

BEO – Ireland’s newest and most dynamic wellness event is back for 2018 with its self-care mission for mind, body and soul. For those of you who attended the Clare and Limerick events in 2017, BEO (Irish for ‘life’) needs no introduction but, with an exciting new line-up set for the new year, a wee refresher might be in order.