The Curious Tale of the Dog in the Hedge

Fun fact: If you walk the loop from Maryborough Hill via Rochestown Road to Clarke’s Hill and back, you’ll spot a dog in a hedge.

Cork and I Had Our First Fight

Cork and I had our first fight. I suppose it was bound to happen. Six months of connubial bliss and BAM – honeymoon’s over folks. Remember back in May when we got two week’s of warm weather – a.k.a. summer? It all kicked off the day the mercury crawled back into its skin. I was walking down the South Mall en route to a meeting when a metal clamp fell from the sky and landed inches from my feet.

My Cork

As a professional blow-in, I’m used to relocating my life. I moved to Galway from the USA as a tween, onwards to Italy after university, landed mid-Celtic Tiger in London and ended up settling in Dublin. New faces and new places don’t phase me but, with age, I found there was one face I wanted to see more of – Cork. After ten years of travelling Leeside for work as a freelance fashion editor and stylist, the city finally made an honest woman out of me. No more one-night stands and mid-week quickies; no more rushed hotel stays or flying visits; this time, I’m in it for the long-haul.

This is the quickest way to gain local status in Cork

I think I might officially be a local now. Since moving Leeside, I’ve successfully managed to adapt certain proclivities including but not limited to queueing for a KC – in the rain. Any Corkonian worth their salt and vinegar knows that 4:30 bells mark the daily opening of the titular award-winning chipper KC & Sons.

Mad About Cork

It’s not every day you see Karl Marx at the People’s Park – or Rod Stewart on Patrick’s Quay for that matter. As a relatively new Cork implant, I’ve been spotting the likeness of various people of note spray-painted on the city’s electrical boxes. As a street art dilettante, I’ve been posting these colourful curiosities […]