It is my pleasure to announce a special partnership between The Happy Closet and Irish brand Theo + George. Anchored in the premise of effortless living; the brand espouses, and lives up to, its values around minimalism, premium quality, sustainability and durability. Reliable wardrobe staples that wearers can get mileage out of combined with stylish, thoughtful yet functional touches.

Suffice to say, they’re playing my jam.

My mission with The Happy Closet is to help others learn to select rather than collect. In a world of more, now, again, it’s crucial that we take a more considered approach to our relationship with clothes. By slowing down and making more mindful choices, that’s when we really learn to wear what we love and love what we wear. To paraphrase the wise DanielleLaPorte, consider it the “metric of ease”. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Keep your eyes peeled for some lovely collaborative tidbits coming your way.

#AD – this is a commercial collaboration between the lovely folks at Theo + George and The Happy Closet.