Feeling the Flow

I’m a dyed-in-the-wool yoga fan. I’m not very good mind you (my bird of paradise looks more like a drunken flamingo) but I’m pretty sweet on my practice. When I don’t open my mat before bed each evening for even a few asanas, I feel start to feel stagnant. Miss a few on the trot? That’s when the proveribal poop hits the fan.

I’ll start the week feeling niggly pressures start to mount. As the weight of stuff and things clutter my mind, I’ll forget to breathe and ultimately, feeling trapped by the pressure of all the unimportant stuff in my life. By Friday night, I’m choosing vino over vinyasa and by Saturday morning, my mind and body feel like a toxic waste dump. If only I created space in my schedule to feel the flow, I wouldn’t be curled up in a foetal position looking for two asprin to clear out the mental cobwebs.

For me, yoga is more than just a good stretch; it’s like a power vac for the mind. Done regularly, it clears the brain of the silly detritus to which we attach so much importance – what others think, what others say, what others do. By combining breath and movement, we stay grounded in the present and our awareness is raised like a radio antenna. We can see what’s blocking our flow and we know how to clear it out without stressing out. What’s more the space created in the body by breathing and stretching is mirrored in mental clarity. By creating space we control mental clutter rather than be controlled by it. Get the picture?

Decluttering our closets is no different. Creating space allows for positive energy to flow. Fun fact: ‘vinyasa’ is Sanskrit for ‘to place in a special way’ – the connection between the body and breath in a continuous movement. Similarly, in order to sustain closet harmony, you need to allow for a continuous flow of energy and in order to do that you’ve got to be clear on where you are going and the direction of your ever-evolving needs. Otherwise, you’re looking at stagnation and, invariably, quick fixes to sustain your closet momentum (spur of the moment purchases, anyone?).

Creating flow mirrors the fluidity of form – ever-changing, never standing still. If form is this flexible, then holding on to the past is like pushing a revolving door – stupid and a bit dangerous to boot. By identifying the hang-ups and habits affecting your closet happiness, you’re in a stronger position to create the space you need to curate for a closet you love. So, only one question remains: are you ready to go with the flow?