Why You Need a Frank Friend with No Filter

Everyone has one: a straight-up-no-chaser buddy whose regular shots of honesty make the room spin. Serving up reality in a full-length mirror is part of her charm so don’t ever try and change her. Why? Because it’s folks like the Frank Friend with No Filter that can fast track you from a state of closet chaos to much-needed wardrobe wellness. Here’s how.

When embarking on a decluttering mission, you want support. Like a pair of training wheels on a bike, the Frank Friend with No Filter provides the necessary support to help stop you from wobbling and falling off until you achieve a certain rhythm and confidence, after which you can steer your course alone. In the meantime, enlist her help. Trust me, you’ll need it. Here’s why.

The Frank Friend with No Filter generally has no skin in the game. She’s the chick who’s got your back even while reefing that Carmen Miranda ra-ra skirt from your steely grip. Try as you may, to rationalise why you ‘need’ it in your life; she’s not buying it. She knows you better than you know yourself which is why she’ll shame you into letting it go.

Most importantly, the Frank Friend with No Filter isn’t jonesing to refurb her wardrobe with your spoils. She won’t try to convince you to part with those size 6 Jimmy Choo sandals so that she can angle some wear time. She’s too busy throwing you shade for spending a fortune on them in the first place. Consider her the objective detective who’ll help you own up to any dodgy dressing decisions, fill those black plastic bags and top up that mug of tea.


Just do the smart thing and get her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.