Kildare Village – Your Style, Your Way

#SP – Who were you 5, 10, 15 years ago? Did you have the same job? Perhaps you’re living in a different country; maybe you’ve had kids – triplets even? Have you gone from corporate banker to kitchen start-up; jacked in the rat race to set up an Alpaca farm? OK, maybe not but you catch my drift.

My point is, although our personalities are not subject to radical change, the circumstances surrounding them are forever protean; little shapeshifters that radically alter the landscape of how we dress.

That’s what makes the @kildarevillage ‘Your Style, Your Way’ campaign so unique. Spanning different generations and different life paths, I got to share my own style story and weirdly wonderful life path with a cache of incredible women like @angelascanlon, @oliviasilverfox and @thelittlegreenspoon. It was a damn fun day of high fashion hijinks; not to mention the clothes – oh, the glorious clothes!

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Photo: Eilish McCormick