Putting Therapy Back Into Retail

Shopping. It’s fun, isn’t it? Or is it? Be honest:

  • How many times have you gone to buy toothpaste and come home with a new dress/necklace/feather boa/ski jacket (note: doesn’t ski)/complete ballroom dancing ensemble (delete as appropriate)?
  • How many times have you managed to justify said purchase either to yourself/your partner/your family/your friends/your bank manager/your cat (delete as appropriate)?
  • How many times have you stumbled across said purchase only to ask yourself when/where/why/how did I buy this (delete as appropriate)? No recollection; nada; none.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes retail therapy isn’t all that therapeutic. Many of our buying habits are either emotional or unconscious. Think of yourself as a considered shopper? Think again.
Wait! Don’t put your credit card on ice just yet. In this section you’ll learn how to

  • reframe buying behaviours
  • field retail tripwire
  • fend off fads and tackle trends
  • understand how and why you shop
  • select rather than collect

More importantly, you’ll learn to dress the person you are – today. The result? What’s in your closet will add purpose, flow and value to your current lifestyle. No shopping channel sales pitch, while stocks last, order now-pay later, 30-day free trial, recommend a friend, cancel if you’re not happy but not before we get your credit card details; no downloadable code, free gift, fancy wrapping paper or revolutionary promise. Why? Because sometimes simplicity is its own reward.
Not a bad deal, eh?