How to Sack Your Security Blanket

What is it that makes you feel safe? Wearing black, notice-me labels, covering your figure in baggy sweaters? Whatever it is, you’re not alone. We’ve all got some sort of sartorial security blanket that takes up emotional and physical space in our closets.

Ironically, the very thing that causes closet chaos is that which soothes our soul and makes us feel in control. Whether it’s a Sale Sniper regulating choice with discounts or Tired and Emotional instilling calm with the familiarity of garments past, it all boils down to the hang-ups driving the habits that shape our sartorial well-being.

As humans, we do our level best as humans to avoid the pain of loss which would explain why we cling to the past even when it doesn’t cater to our present needs. This underlying need to control our environment is a direct response to life’s ambiguity. In order to get more comfortable with the act of decluttering – we’ve got to get comfortable with the notion of loss (however chaotic) in order that we may find more harmony.

Feeling the fear?

Anxiety is a fear-based response to a future possibility. And as horoscope-reading, Dow Index-following, weather-predicting folk, we’re partial to a bit of risk management. Nothing wrong with that. When caution turns into cold sweats over parting with a bag of mildewed sweatpants, then we’ve got a problem.

Ownership, you see, is a devil for creating emotional attachment which in turn makes us overestimate the true value of our possessions. When wardrobe overwhelm comes-a-knocking, the key to managing one’s state is futureproofing the now. Here’s how.

Whenever you start to feel resistance about letting go, call shenanigans on the unconscious mind. Simply pause and dig for a deeper agenda. Remember: behind every ‘good’ reason, there’s an even better excuse.

Write a list of the reasons why you are decluttering. The moment you experience that familiar wobble, remind yourself of the big picture benefits: more space, more flow, more time, more calm.