Why Satisfaction Is the Key to Happiness & How to Find It

Satisfaction. It doesn’t get much press, does it? There’s no click-bait in stability, no breaking news in balance, no cliff-hanger in even keel. Hearts don’t beat faster, palms don’t get sweaty, mouths don’t dry up. In fact, we do our level best to avoid its average reputation. Why celebrate satisfaction? Because it makes sense to, that’s why.

Lest you think I drank the Kool Aid, allow me to explain. A while ago, I delivered a TEDx talk where I proposed a radical alternative to the pursuit of happiness – satisfaction.  Drawing on the wisdom of ancient philosophers and mystics, I made a humorous (here’s hoping!) yet humbling argument for the middle path in an age of digital distractions. In changing the definition of happiness from having it all to wanting what we have, from being our best selves to just being ourselves, finding that elusive sweet spot, I reckon, could be less of an epic journey and more of a cake-walk. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like cake? My proposal? To make the bold decision to be enough, to be grand. 

In the 13.5-minute monologue (CLICK HERE), I offer 5 simple steps, inspired by my book The Happy Medium to finding your own sweeter journey in life. Grab a fork, folks; there’s cake on this here walk!