How to Say ‘Thanks’ and Mean It

It’s the last day of 2017 and many of us are feeling retrospective, totting up what we did or didn’t do and where we currently stand on the gameboard of life. For some of us, it will be satisfying, for many of us, it will be a buzzkill. As mere mortals, we’re prone to a bit of compare and despair. We’re very quick to shake a fist instead of fist-pumping the universe/God/the source/ourselves (delete as appropriate) for our life’s lot instead of seeing the lesson in the experience – however, challenging. A bad break-up? Finances in the jocker? Think about what that problem has taught you. By viewing the predicament from a position of gratitude, you’re empowering yourself to learn from troublesome situations in the past, find solutions for the future or at least make peace with the present.


Lads and lassies, there’s a lot in life that’s worthy of a hat tip, a high five or ‘ta muchly’. So, your life isn’t fairytale-perfect. You’re better off. Someone always winds up being locked in a tower, poisoned by an evil stepmother or cursed by a malevolent fairy. And for what? To be permanently indebted to Prince Charming? That’s no way to start off a marriage. Just think of all the arguments over who does the housework. ‘I saved your life and now you expect me to do the ironing?’ Nah. I’ll pass, thanks. Thanks a million, actually.

Happy New Year to you all!

Annmarie x