Store or Display? Jewellery, Bags & Fiddly Bits

Photo: Sami Mititelu 

Store or display? That is the question.

And the answer?

Anything in your wardrobe that doesn’t receive the hanger treatment is generally that which needs the most attention. Take a quick gawk into your storage space and you might find some tangled scarves, shoes still in their boxes, necklaces entwined together – you get the picture. In order to be accountable for our closet collateral, everything needs to be visible. This goes double for those who thrive on stashing their swag in cubby holes and impenetrable corners. Yes, Secret Shoppers; you’ve been busted!

SECRET SHOPPER is fashion’s MI6 agent. Purchases are made with separate credit cards; online parcels are sent to a P.O. box and all newly acquired swag is stashed so carefully it risks never being found – not even by her.

There are an infinite number of fancy doodads and hanging solutions that can remedy the tangled webs we weave (just check out Chapter 8 of The Happy Closet) but if time and/or funds are lacking, why not check out the don’t-cost-a-thing options that are probably already hanging out in your kitchen.