The Top Five Bags Your Wardrobe NEEDS with TK Maxx


#AD – this is a commercial collaboration between TK Maxx and The Happy Closet.

Most of us are sweet on arm candy which can make bag shopping a delicious affair. Finding the styles that can look decorative and do double duty (we’re busy people, after all) requires an expert level of taste, which is where TK Maxx comes in. With a huge assortment of bags for every occasion at up to 60% less than the RRP, upping your mála game is a treat. I should know. TK Maxx challenged me to create the ultimate capsule bag wardrobe in-store. Armed with a €100 gift card, I chose five bags that make for a happier closet. Check out my smile-worthy edit below.



Fun fact: Some days require more stuff. You may start the day with a set of keys, smartphone, a few hair bobbles and an umbrella but you will end it with a 700-page novel, some new sneakers, and rotisserie chicken. It happens. Days like these require a bag that does the heavy lifting – like a no-nonsense, ‘fill me up buttercup’ tote. This basket-style carry-all can accommodate anything from quick desk-to-dinner changes to a capsule weekend wardrobe; it can even moonlight as a snazzy yoga bag should Downward dog be your jam. What’s more, it does a seamless cross-seasonal segue as an interior decor hack come winter. I use mine to store cosy Alpaca blankets.

RRP €54; TK MAXX €22.99


Ever arrive at a LUAS platform as the train pulls in only to discover your Leap card is nowhere to be found – NOWHERE. Fumbling, faffing and shaking a fist at the universe, you wonder what in the name of blazes designers have against pockets. Wonder no more, chicken. This simple black crossbody bag bears a clever pouch within in its foldover flap. Simply pull the tassel and release your train fare. Now, get to work. You’re late!

RRP €41; TK MAXX €19.99


Phone in one hand, coffee in the other. Sound familiar? Our hands-on lives demand a hands-free bag every now and then, one that doesn’t weigh us down while on the move. This is why the crossbody is a capsule wardrobe kingpin. A clever multitasker, thanks to its detachable strap, it’s portability and clever clutch conversion is part of its charm. When shopping, be sure to try a few on for size, making sure the bag hits the hip when adjusted to the lowest notch. Want to earn extra style points? Take your cues from the catwalk and treat bags like jewellery. Drape and layer two or three styles at different lengths like necklaces for visual interest.

RRP €52; T MAXX €22.99


On a sliding scale of emergencies, forgetting one’s makeup bag doesn’t rank too high on the Richter scale, until you do forget it and all hell breaks loose. Guaranteed, it will be the morning Mother Nature bequeaths you two hefty undereye bags (she’s a fan of irony); the day of your salary-dependant performance review; and the evening of your first IRL Tinder date. Oh, and you’ll have NO time to leave the office – none, nada, zip, zilcho. This, of course, can all be avoided with some forward planning – a keep-it-in-your-bag-at-all-times fix-it kit with easy-to-follow instructions: Apply mascara. Breathe. Apply some more. There. Ready to face the day.

RRP €14; TK MAXX €6.99


Once the remit of tourists and market stall vendors, the bumbag has experienced a timely redux. Granted it’s not everyone’s bag (see what I did there!) but let me sell it to you. If you plan on doing the festival circuit this season or you’re just going on a city break, one of these fellas will see you elegantly-waisted.  Once belted securely in place, the bumbag takes on a life of its own. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself demanding a dance-off or taking advantage of your forearm freedom (let’s face it, shoulder bags are a drag) to crowd surf the local farmer’s market. Have a root around TK Maxx and you might find one (like I did) that slides off the belt and does double duty as a cosmetic case. My baroque beauty will be worn with a citrus-bright dress and box-fresh trainers. Summer fun sorted.

RRP €68; TK MAXX €22.99

There you have it. TK Maxx always has big labels, small prices and ridiculous possibilities. But as the old adage goes, you snooze you lose, folks; so, don’t dawdle. Head to your local TK Maxx to get your capsule bag wardrobe sorted.