What’s in my Wardrobe – Leather Culottes (Part Two)

Ah, didums! Who’s a happy camper, then? Granted, that big aul grin has as much to do with finding a stoop on which to deposit my bottom as it does with my outfit choice. Although a much simpler execution of the first culottes look, it still abides by the same rules – simple colour scheme and playful proportions.

For me, the balance between frilly hem and serious collar is a winner; plus, the white band breaks up my long frame. Clever that. While we’re in the neighbourhood, can we extoll the virtues of this Peter O’Brien top and shirt pairing? Firstly, it’s roomy. Should one be sporting a food baby, no one will be any the wiser. Secondly, it’s warm enough to avoid falling foul of an impromptu nipple reports (we’ve all been there!); but not so warm as to reduce one to a puddle of sweat upon stepping indoors. I’m looking at you Instagrammers and your Venus Fly Trap knits!

As for the 9 West shoes, I’ve worn these guys since 2009 and haven’t had to have them re-heeled – ever. I kid you not. They’ve hustled me from pillar to post over the past 8 years without so much as a scuff. What’s more, they’re heel-to- sole ratio, square toe box and wide fit make for sweet feet even if you’ve been on them all day. They’ve served me so well, I believe I’ll be taking a personal day off work when they meet the big cobbler in the sky. In the meantime, prepare to see a lot more of them.

Let’s be honest. The real yardstick of a happy closet is not having to think too hard. 6
a.m. alarms, ‘late again’ dinner dashes and life waving its magic wand don’t always
allow for elongated musings over the Parisian pairing of mustard and teal blue.
Sometimes it’s a case of reach and run with barely enough time to hustle that zipper
before calling a taxi. In times such as these, knowing the lay of the land makes life
happier – infinitely so. Now, that’s worth smiling about.

Hair: Aviary Lane Photo: Hazel Coonagh
Top, Peter O’Brien for Dunnes Stores; Shirt, Peter O’Brien for Dunnes Stores; Culottes, COS; Shoes, 9 West; Ring, Pilgrim