What’s in My Wardrobe – Vintage

August 2018 marks my ten-year anniversary as Irish Examiner fashion editor. Not bad going, given the industry’s reputation for change. And things have changed – a lot. The past decade alone has witnessed a global recession, the spread of social media, and a complete restructure in shopping behaviours – all of which allude to a burgeoning democracy in matters of taste. It also gave us wedge sneakers, onesies, harem pants and the Kardashians.

The one thing that has not changed, however, is my unquestionable love for vintage clothing. Exhibit A: this 70s funnel-neck dress from Cork’s Kahlo & Apfel. The floral print looks like it time-travelled from the interior of a VW Winnebago and by some act of God, it’s the perfect midi length. Granted, I’ve probably perverted its manifest floor-swishing destiny but I’ve also put the kibosh on hefty dry cleaning bills. Everyone wins.

Add in a Perspex heel and earring combo (these Dries Van Noten numbers are 9 years old) and we’ve got ourselves a solid archival update. What’s more, I’m standing proof (6 foot tall and a size UK12-14) that vintage isn’t just for ‘others’ (whoever they are). Any vintage purveyor worth their salt lamp will guide you towards the styles and cuts that suit you. Give it a go; you won’t look back!

Hair: Elaine Sullivan @ Aviary Lane; Photo: Hazel Coonagh; Dress, Kahlo & Apfel – mine; Shoes, Dries Van Noten – mine; Rings, Pilgrim Jewellery and my dad’s – mine; Earrings, Annika Inez at Loulerie – borrowed.