You Won’t Believe the Size of My Closet!

Photo: Hazel Coonagh

It’s a well-documented fact that I’ve got a small wardrobe. Really, I do. The problem? No one seems to believe me. This can be a prove a sticky wicket in my line of work, especially as a minimalist stylist. Comments range from the curious, “How do you manage to always wear something different?” to the incredulous, “G’wan, I don’t believe it!”  It’s as if my closet were akin to Mary Poppins’ magical tapestry bag where I just extract a new pair of shoes and a hat stand at will.  Not that I would be averse to such a contraption but rest assured, I’m not in possession of one.

In the spirit of transparency, I’m opening the doors to my wardrobe next week in a series of Insta Stories. Prepare to be utterly underwhelmed. It’s not one of these Pinterest-worthy walk-in wonders with etched Art Deco patterning and hand-bevelled mirrored glass. It’s pretty basic, really. And small. Really small. Still interested?