The Mindful Practice of Saying ‘No’ & How to Do It

Nope, no, nein, nay, no bueno, not a chance, fuggedaboutit! Feels good, doesn’t it? Or does it? 
Saying ‘no’ gets a bad rap but, ironically, it’s in turning something down, we disappoint fewer people – and, most importantly, we don’t disappoint ourselves. It’s what separates a job well done from several jobs undone. But in a world of ‘more, now, again’, saying ‘no’ can be the social equivalent of farting in public – an unexpected yet inadmissible gaffe.
Unless you’re privy to some sort of cloning device that’ll help you run a half-marathon, bake four dozen iced fairy cakes for charity, help the new guy in work move house, attend your best friend’s surprise birthday bash and somehow make it to that Adele concert (corporate box seats!) all on the same day, chances are something’s gotta give.
Establishing stronger boundaries on how we use our time frees us up to concentrate on what’s most important. By becoming more deliberate about what we expect from our daily schedules, we’re better positioned to make easier decisions about how to use it and protect our quality time. By putting more ‘free’ in our time, we can balance our online and offline lives, eliminate regret and allow satisfaction to crowd out the meaningless soundbites that wreck our heads. 
Easier said than done? Why don’t you find out?
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