These Off-Season Storage Tips Will Make Your Life A Lot Easier

Happy Spring Equinox, folks! With the seasons having officially changed, there’s no better time to create space in one’s closet for that which is lighter and brighter. Although our finicky weather dictates much of what we wear (hello, April, May and June showers!), there’s no pressing reason to keep a Polar Express down-quilted full-length hooded coat to hand. Once the mercury starts to rise, finding a place to store your off-season goodies is that is neither too hot nor too cold, too dusty nor too damp is the perennial question. Shopping channel vacuum pack storage bags may seem like a boon for the space-deprived (or the lazy) but shrink-wrapping your favourite threads come at a hefty price, namely damage. If you plan on maintaining the happiness of your closet year on year, getting familiar with storage etiquette is key. As for entertaining an attic or a basement for storing anything sentimental or expensive is simply asking for it. Here’s why.

Meditate Your Way to a Cleaner Closet?

So, your closet (aka air raid shelter/doomsday bunker/post-apocalyptic fall-out) needs clearing – serious clearing. I guess it’s time to make a cup of tea. Oh, and don’t forget to change the ringtone on your phone. Have you fed the cat? You have. Well, feed the dog then. While you’re at it, have you seen that […]

This App Will Change the Way You Do Laundry

Hand-washing is a dirty word, not least when it comes to caring for our unmentionables. The idea of tending to your smalls in the sink seems as quaint, if not totally unnecessary. Surely a washing machine can do the job? Not if you’ve caused it to choke on an errant underwire which it will chew and regurgitate with much in the way of hissing and spitting, not to mention a three-figure repair bill.

These 4 Tips Will Guarantee a Clutter-Free Closet

Looking to declutter with intent? Take the war out of weeding your wardrobe with these three simple tips.

Do the math: Have more than three wardrobes? Stuff stashed in the attic? What about the garden shed? Calculate your estimated closet inventory by the amount of time needed to clear it. g. 4 hours per closet x 3 closets = 12 hours plus breaks. That’s an entire weekend or one closet per night for three allocated nights of the week or month. I advocate the latter. Here’s why:  The willpower required to tackle a project as emotionally-loaded as closet decluttering is enough to have you give up mid-way and commit to a life of chaos. Small and consistent increments (like starting with your underwear drawer) are key to easing anxiety, building personal agency and kicking procrastination in the goolies.

The One Thing You Need to Remove From Your Closet Now

I am a stickler for hangers.  When tasked with decluttering any closet, the first order of business is a deep and meaningful on proper hanger usage. I bring my own stash for demonstration purposes and back-up and a wagging finger of shame (patent pending) should things get ugly. This might be seen as taking it a bit too seriously. I say you can never be too serious about hangers. Why? Used properly, these humble tools can carry out a few basic but critical functions:

This Organising Tip Makes Getting Dressed So Easy

The gold standard in any closet is not having to think too hard. Six a.m. alarms, ‘late again’ dinner dashes and life waving its magic wand don’t always allow for elongated musings over the unusual pairing of mustard and peacock blue. Sometimes it’s a case of reach and run with barely enough time to hustle […]

Store or Display? Jewellery, Bags & Fiddly Bits

Store or display? That is the question. And the answer? Anything in your wardrobe that doesn’t receive the hanger treatment is generally that which needs the most attention. Take a quick gawk into your storage space and you might find some tangled scarves, shoes still in their boxes, necklaces entwined together – you get the […]

How to Sack Your Security Blanket

What is it that makes you feel safe? Wearing black, notice-me labels, covering your figure in baggy sweaters? Whatever it is, you’re not alone. We’ve all got some sort of sartorial security blanket that takes up emotional and physical space in our closets. Ironically, the very thing that causes closet chaos is that which soothes […]

Why You Need a Frank Friend with No Filter

Everyone has one: a straight-up-no-chaser buddy whose regular shots of honesty make the room spin. Serving up reality in a full-length mirror is part of her charm so don’t ever try and change her. Why? Because it’s folks like the Frank Friend with No Filter that can fast track you from a state of closet […]

The Surprising Tip That Kills Procrastination

Procrastination. It’s got an addictive appeal, doesn’t it? Why black sack a small mortgage worth of clothes when you can binge watch all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad – again! Despite the mounting evidence (burgeoning clothing heaps, growing inertia, the smell of despair), there’s always a good reason to avoid tackling a closet clear-out. Why? […]