The Surprising Tip That Kills Procrastination

Procrastination. It’s got an addictive appeal, doesn’t it? Why black sack a small mortgage worth of clothes when you can binge watch all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad – again! Despite the mounting evidence (burgeoning clothing heaps, growing inertia, the smell of despair), there’s always a good reason to avoid tackling a closet clear-out. Why? […]

Avoid Impulse Shopping With This One Tip

So, how’s Dry January going? Got that familiar feeling again? Yes, we’ve all been there. You could have sworn there was steam coming from the ATM machine last you used it and your heavily-pregnant credit card is fit to buckle under the weight of a 9.5% APR; yet you still ran around Topshop like a […]

It’s Not Too Late for Dry January

Last weekend I was speaking in Galway at BEO – Ireland’s newest and most dynamic self-care event – about wardrobe wellness. During the Q&A segment, a girl asked me “How do I stop going into Penneys all of the time?” The audience offered a knowing chuckle because the struggle, my friends, is most certainly real. […]

The Mindful Practice of Saying ‘No’ & How to Do It

Nope, no, nein, nay, no bueno, not a chance, fuggedaboutit! Feels good, doesn’t it? Or does it?    Saying ‘no’ gets a bad rap but, ironically, it’s in turning something down, we disappoint fewer people – and, most importantly, we don’t disappoint ourselves. It’s what separates a job well done from several jobs undone. But […]


How do you feel when you open your closet? More to the point, how does your closet feel? Buried beneath those forgettable fads, questionable trends and ‘oh dear, what was I thinking’ is a pile of useless emotional baggage. Bet you didn’t see it. Well, guess what? You’re not alone.  Your closet is more than […]