Download Your Free Petite Brand Guide

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about shopping for petite sizes: budget finds, big splurges, basics and bougie bits and bobs. I started what is a non-exhaustive list to which I’ll keep adding and updating. For now, download and enjoy! x

What Are Your Core Closet Values?

  If the idea of a wardrobe detox or delving into the deep recesses of online shopping is up there with a root canal (hold the anaesthetic) then it might be time to look at your closet priorities – the value system that underpins the why behind what we buy. We are at our happiest […]

Why You Need a To Don’t List

Constantly buying things that don’t suit you? Don’t know why? My friend, you need a To-Don’t List. Let me explain… There’s a beautifully backward logic to the To-Don’t List. Unlike To-Do lists that pretty much set you up for a fail (how often do you actually do what you have to do?), reversing the process […]

Brand You: The Personal Branding & Virtual Styling Workshop

With 2021 off to a shaky start, we are yet again finding the resilience to get us through. And while we can’t control what’s happening around us, we can, in small ways, introduce tools in our daily lives to enable us to start thinking ahead. Investing in yourself in a way that will benefit you […]

Dressing for the New Normal

Last week, I joined Sonya Lennon ‘on the couch’ for the Irish Examiner’s virtual ieStyle Live show. Here I shared a new twist on the current trends that have come to define our lifestyles and our wardrobes. Catch up with my findings below.