What’s in my Wardrobe – Leather Culottes (Part Three)

The older I get, the less choice I require – or want for that matter. Too many options create anxiety and, in turn, weaken my ability to make sound decisions. It also gives me an awful case of brain freeze. Not pretty.

Likewise, when it comes to closet happiness, simplicity is its own reward. By limiting choice, we can create our own style signature – a sartorial statement of intent which limits options to suits one’s self. The paradox of sticking to a style signature is that although it appears abstemious; it is, in fact, incredibly freeing. Some of fashion’s most laudable figures are those who have created self-styled uniforms: a network of pieces that free the mind to concentrate on other things rather than be cluttered with the words, “What shall I wear?” For me, it’s simply a question of adding my own individual stamp to something intrinsically simple. Simple, eh?

Take this outfit, for example: an off-duty incarnation of the previous two leather culotte looks. The Breton top is a comfy classic (plus, this one is eco-friendly!) and looks laidback with a pair of Samba kicks. Add my trusty Maje jacket (bought in 2014 when I was styling the coaches on The Voice of Ireland) and, hey presto, we’ve got ourselves some smart-casual vibes. For me, this is the perfect pairing when pulling clothes for shoots or relaxed Friday coffee meetings. If I need to smarten things up a tad, I swap my sneakers for…you guessed it…those trusty 9 West court shoes. Of course, I do. Hey, they don’t call it a signature for nothing. I’ll see you and raise you those tan sandals, Anna Wintour!

Hair: Aviary Lane Photo: Hazel Coonagh
Jacket, Maje; Top, Theo + George; Culottes, COS; Sneaker, Adidas; Watch, Michael Kors; Ring, Pilgrim