How to Spot a Fake Designer Bag

Everyone loves a bargain but, when it comes to buying designer handbags if the price is too good to be true (€3,500 marked down to €350), that’s generally because it is. The time spent on scouring the internet for deals could be better spent buying from the designer or a reputable department store. Although most designer brands have their own authentication processes, there are certain criteria that apply when buying serious arm candy. Here’s how not to fall foul of the phonies.

See Into Your Future With This Simple Tool

Feeling a bit stuck in your life? Not sure which path to take? We’ve all been there. Nothing feels worse than sitting on the fence (apart from the fact that it leaves marks); so why not play Mystic Meg and imagine what the first step looks like. Here’s how: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Charles Duhigg, author […]

Why Going With the Flow Should Be Your #LifeGoal

Going with the flow gets a bad rap. Often mistaken for herd mentality, complacency or the remit of Jimmy Buffet songs (‘Wasted away again in Margaritaville!’), its meaning rarely holds company with that of productivity. But flow is more than a laidback epithet. It’s the stealth samurai of satisfaction; the judo throw of good decisions; a secret attention weapon when distraction tries elbowing its way to the front of the queue.

4 Reasons Why You Should Try Meditation – Today

Meditation is more than an esoteric exercise for the spiritually-inclined. It’s the singularly most effective tool in clearing distractions and helping us make better decisions. The result? Increased life satisfaction.

Hate Dressing Room Mirrors? Try This Mindfulness Tip Instead

Sometimes a shopping mission isn’t always accomplished. Mirrors mislead us, crowds blind us and our internal GPS leaves us stranded somewhere between our intended target and our best intentions. The following exercise borrows from the body scan method that is used in meditation. The idea is to feel how your clothes are fitting by plugging […]