My Cork

Pic: Miki Barlok

As a professional blow-in, I’m used to relocating my life. I moved to Galway from the USA as a tween, onwards to Italy after university, landed mid-Celtic Tiger in London and ended up settling in Dublin. New faces and new places don’t phase me but, with age, I found there was one face I wanted to see more of – Cork. After ten years of travelling Leeside for work as a freelance fashion editor and stylist, the city finally made an honest woman out of me. No more one-night stands and mid-week quickies; no more rushed hotel stays or flying visits; this time, I’m in it for the long-haul.

In today’s Irish Examiner, I share my Red hot loves: where to eat, shop, drink and experience the Real Capital in style. Given I wrote the piece a month ago with only four months’ residency under my belt, I’ve got some new haunts to add which you may have noticed in the #MyCork section of this blog. Keep an eye out for new blog posts about Salt Wine Bar, Goldberg’s, NeighbourFood and Bauhaus – the latter in which you can buy jewellery, stock up on crystals (hello, tourmaline!), have your tarot cards read and pet a few kittens. Seriously, kitten therapy is a thing. I’d like to say I’d be sharing #MyCork travel guide on Instagram TV but I have the social media skills of a narcoleptic baboon. Alas, I’ll stick to the written word. It’s safer for everyone concerned.

Photo: Miki Barlok; coat, Miss Daisy Blue; rollneck, COS; necklaces, Venetian & Bhutanese beads; rings, Pilgrim and my father’s; watch, Folli Follie