These 3 Words Can Help You Create a Signature Style



I love flamingoes. They don’t give a sh*t. It’s not so much that they think who the hell they are; they KNOW who the hell they are. Heads shaped like a toilet S-bend, gangly limbs, backward-bending knees – it doesn’t matter. Every bird worth her wingspan just sees pink – flamboyant, Miami-drenched pink. That, my friends, is what’s affectionately referred to in fashion terms as a ‘signature style’ – a personal stamp that’s got ‘you’ written all over it.

From Michelle Obama’s shift dresses to Jenna Lyons’ black rim glasses and Ellen de Generes’ suits, some of the most dapper public figures are those who have created self-styled uniforms: a network of pieces that free the mind to concentrate on other things rather than be cluttered with the words, “What shall I wear?”

“But I haven’t a rasher about what makes me ‘me’!” I hear you cry. Fear not, kiddo. You got this.

The best bit about defining your own personal style? It’s simple. In fact, it only takes three words – three simple words:

That’s so me!

That’s right. You’ve said it, you’ve heard it, you’ve repeated it. Whether it’s a silk shirt, a leather jacket or a beat-up pair of Levi’s – if it feels like you and others identify you with that piece, then make like Anna Wintour’s tan sandals and wear it as the linchpin for your look.

Want a second opinion? Ask your Frank Friend with No Filter to identify your ‘me’ pieces during your next closet audit. Gather the evidence and compile your own style profile.

Stand tall. Shake your tail feathers. Be a flamingo.