Killing It With Kindness

WARNING: Kindness is contagious, habit-forming and has serious side effects. Prolonged daily use leads to compassion, empathy, and unlimited well-being. Symptoms may develop immediately after exposure. Proceed with care. Kindness is an instant connector. Kindness is anti-aging. Kindness is viral and highly contagious. Kindness is intoxicating. We are wired for kindness. It’s in our DNA. […]

These 3 Words Can Help You Create a Signature Style

    I love flamingoes. They don’t give a sh*t. It’s not so much that they think who the hell they are; they KNOW who the hell they are. Heads shaped like a toilet S-bend, gangly limbs, backward-bending knees – it doesn’t matter. Every bird worth her wingspan just sees pink – flamboyant, Miami-drenched pink. […]

You Won’t Believe the Size of My Closet!

It’s a well-documented fact that I’ve got a small wardrobe. Really, I do. The problem? No one seems to believe me. This can be a prove a sticky wicket in my line of work, especially as a minimalist stylist. Comments range from the curious, “How do you manage to always wear something different?” to the […]

The Irish Examiner – Brown Thomas Spring/Summer 18

Why Basics Aren’t So Basic

  I was asked at a recent BEO event about the basics every happy closet should have. My answer? There is no answer. Prescriptive fashion epithets like 10 Things Every Woman Should Own have no place in a happy closet. Each hanging space is unique to its personal fears, joys, hopes and experiences. The real […]

Store or Display? Jewellery, Bags & Fiddly Bits

Store or display? That is the question. And the answer? Anything in your wardrobe that doesn’t receive the hanger treatment is generally that which needs the most attention. Take a quick gawk into your storage space and you might find some tangled scarves, shoes still in their boxes, necklaces entwined together – you get the […]

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Stellar Magazine – Help! I’m a Fashion Hoarder

How to Spend Money on Clothes

How much do you spend on clothes? More to the point, how do you spend money on clothes? Our wardrobes, over time, are one of the bigger investments we’ll make; yet also one of the least profitable and more troublesome to manage. Fast fashion and a flooded market have led shoppers to expect more for […]

Stop. Drop. Breathe.

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath. Amit Ray If we take anything for granted, it’s got to be our breath. Considering it keeps us alive, five minutes of daily one-on-one time is a small ask which is why we should all: STOP for five […]