If there’s one word that inspires fear, loathing and credit card debt into the hearts of women, it’s ‘WEDDING”. All it takes is an innocent ‘Save the Date’ invitation to make us lose our reason and do things we live to regret. Fear not.  We’ve all fallen foul of wedding fever at some point in […]

4 Mindfulness & Meditation Apps that Will Make You Happier

In one of my previous posts, I shared four reasons you should try meditating – today. For those of you who maintain you still don’t have the time to meditate, fear not. Meditation is like a mind-gym, equipped with various machines according to your tastes and skill level. There’s no point diving head-first into the full […]

Image Magazine Boutique Awards 2018

There’s something quite edifying about boutique shopping, especially when you find ‘the one’. The relaxed atmosphere, personal attention and made-for-you edit all combine to create retail magic – the ineffable alchemy that makes a loyal customer out of a casual browser. That’s why I’m so jazzed to be part of the judging panel for the Image Boutique Awards 2018.

Not Another Model

This month I turned 45; I also signed to the Image board of Not Another model agency. Not bad for an old broad.  

The Top Five Bags Your Wardrobe NEEDS with TK Maxx

#AD – this is a commercial collaboration between TK Maxx and The Happy Closet.

Most of us are sweet on arm candy which can make bag shopping a delicious affair. Finding the styles that can look decorative and do double duty (we’re busy people, after all) requires an expert level of taste, which is where TK Maxx comes in. With a huge assortment of bags for every occasion at up to 60% less than the RRP, upping your mála game is a treat. I should know. TK Maxx challenged me to create the ultimate capsule bag wardrobe in-store. Armed with a €100 voucher, I chose five bags that make for a happier closet. Check out my smile-worthy edit below.